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You can now find The Magic Spoon Bakery in another state!

by Carmela Ram on 03/24/11

The Magic Spoon Bakery now has products in New Hampshire! You can find our baked goods at the Littleton Food Co-op. If you have relatives or friends in that area, be sure to spread the word!

The Littleton Food Co-op
43 Bethlehem Road
Littleton, NH 03561
(603) 444-2800

Valentine's Day is coming, and we're prepared!

by Carmela Ram on 01/27/11

With Valentine's Day coming up, many of you may enjoy our new Linzer Tarts! We're starting to make them this week, so you can start looking around for them next week. They're made from a rich dough made with almond and Cabot butter. We don't have any pictures yet but hope to have some soon. It's a cookie sandwich in the shape of a heart, with raspberry preserves between the cookies. This cookie is one of Carmela's fathers' favorite cookies. A lot of time was spent searching for the perfect recipe to make everything perfect. Soon, you all will be able to enjoy this wonderful cookie, and we hope you enjoy it as much as he did! 

Follow us on twitter!

by Carmela Ram on 01/21/11

You can now follow us on Twitter! We'll post updates from there and you can have them sent directly to your mobile device.!/magicspoonbaker

Enjoy hot fresh Magic Spoon products in your home!

by Carmela Ram on 01/16/11

01-16-11 Enjoy the freshness and wonderful smells of the Magic Spoon in your home! Soon, you will be able to purchase magic mixes for buttermilk pancakes, waffles, scones, muffins, cakes... just about everything! With just some milk and eggs, you'll be able to mix it all together and create your own perfect snack! Keep an eye out for the mixes, pancake and waffles will be available quite soon! 

New Products featuring Vermont Maple Syrup!

by Carmela Ram on 01/16/11

01-16-11 Happy New Year from the Magic Spoon Bakery! We are introducing new products such as our Mapleicious Granola Bar (using nothing but the best- Vermont's finest Maple syrup!) and loose granola with Vermont maple. Also, we now have a peanut butter chocolate chip cookie. Delicious! We have had a handful of successful mail orders in the past few months and recently, we have brought back our delicious Almond Crunch cookie that many of you enjoy! Stay posted for more updates from MSB!

Mochaccino Rugelach

by Carmela Ram on 01/16/11

8-18-10 We created a new flavor of rugelach! Next week, you'll be able to find Mochaccino Rugelach-- chocolate rugelach with espresso coffee, white chocolate chips and drizzled with cinnamon sugar! Where will you be able to find such a delight? At our following vendors: Hunger Mountain Co-Op in Montpelier, White Market in St. J, Fresh Market in Burlington, and Healthy Living in Burlington. Keep your eye out and be sure to give it a try! Also, this week we are processing our very first mail order. A lady from New Hampshire ordered a handful of baked goods and we are very eager to continue this journey toward online ordering. We're in the process of obtaining a business paypal account so you can pay online via Paypal, but until we make an advance in this goal, we are accepting checks. When you place an order through our order form, we will call you to clarify details, ask any questions and give you a price. From there, we begin baking your goods so that you recieve them fresh, and our goal is to have your order shipped 7-10 days after it is placed. We appreciate your patience in working with us as we begin this, and so far it is goingvery well!

Online Orders are on the way!

by Carmela Ram on 01/16/11

8-5-10 Soon you will be able to place orders online! We are currently working to set up a Paypal account so you can purchase our wonderful baked goods online. Currently, you can submit an order form which will be forwarded straight to our email address, From there, we will contact you about your request and if you would like us to ship it for you, provide you with a total cost and you can send us a check.

The Cranberry Fairy's Special Surprise!

by Carmela Ram on 01/16/11

8-1-10 This week we're launching two new cookies that hit the market. Our chewy delicious Island cookie, with a wonderful surprise of chocolate in the middle (and the cookie is shaped like an island!), and our Cranberry Fairy's Oatmeal Cookie. Keep an eye out for them and give them a try!

Website Launching

by Carmela Ram on 01/16/11

7-15-10 The Magic Spoon Bakery is pleased to announce the July launching of our website! Here you will find our menu, locations, photo gallery, contact information, and more. We are still in the construction process of the site, and it is growing every day, so keep checking back for new updates! Thank you for your continued support :-)